一人追い込み漁50年 80歳新里さん、伝統守る 琉球新報 2016年8月25日 05:00

  渡嘉敷村で唯一、一人追い込み漁を素潜りで50年余続けている80代の現役ウミンチュ(海人=漁師)がいる。島の人から追い込み漁の達人“タケミーヤッチー”と呼ばれる渡嘉敷漁協組合員の新里武光さん(80)だ。人口約700人の島で沖縄の伝統的な「追い込み漁」を守り続けている。 On July 29 at Gishippujima, Tokashiki Village, Shinzato pulls out fish caught in his net





  潮が引くと、魚はサンゴ礁の深い割れ目に集まる。新里さんは思い切り息を吸い込み、水深7〜8メートルの海底まで一気に潜る。イラブチャー、エーグヮー、クスク、カタカシなどの群れを静かに網に誘導すると、全速で追い込んでいく。Shinzato gets out for fishing on his favorite small boat


   島の生徒や交流の家研修生らにも追い込み漁を指導している。「体の続く限り、地域の皆さんのために漁を続けていきたい」と笑顔を見せた。 (米田英明通信員)
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80-year-old Shinzato keeping traditional homestretch fishing for 50 years
August 25, 2016 Hideaki Yoneda correspondent of Ryukyu Shimpo

An eighty-year-old fisherman in Tokashiki Village has practiced skin-dive fishing on his home island for more than 50 years. His name is Takemitsu Shinzato, a member of the Tokashiki Fisheries Cooperative, and he is known as a master of “homestretch” fishing, or Takemiiyachi. He continues to practice Okinawa’s traditional fishing on the island with a population of approximately 700 people.

Shinzato grew up with the influence of late his father Takeharu, who was the shipmaster of a bonito fishing ship. Shinzato has been fishing as a hobby since he was 30 years old. After retiring from his job at the National Okinawa Youth House twenty years ago, he became a full-time fisherman. His catch is used for meals that his wife Katsuko serves at her restaurant.

Shinzato owns one big sabani (Okinawan canoe) and a small boat. As he says, “It is only me who sets up the net for fishing.” He gets out on the boat, wears a wetsuit, a mask, fins, and weights. Then he dives to set up the net, directs fish into the net, and catches the fish. It is a physically and mentally demanding way to catch fish.

There are cracks everywhere at the bottom of the ocean, which is filled with coral reefs. Holding a 1.8-meter high, 30-meter long net, Shinzato dives to the bottom of the ocean. He stretches out and secures both ends of the net to coral. After putting weights on the net, the preparation is done.
When the tide changes, fish gather in the deep cracks of coral reefs. Shinzato takes a deep breath in and dives to a depth of seven to eight meters below the surface of the sea. He quietly guides schools of fish such as Irabucha, Egwa, Kusuku, Katakashi, and then quickly pushes them into the net.

Once he dives into the water, he does not take another breath for a couple of minutes until fish get caught in his net. He sets up a net six or seven times a day. Sometimes, the volume of landings exceeds 100 kilograms.

Shinzato is also good at catching shellfish and octopus. He has also caught a wild goat at the beach before. When he is not out fishing, he does volunteer work for the community. He won first place in the 5-kilometer Tokashiki Marathon in the 75 years and above age group. Community residents are impressed by him, saying, “He is a super grandpa, who does not seem 80 years old.”

Shinzato teaches homestretch fishing to students and visitors at the Youth House. He smiled and said, “I would like to continue fishing for the community as long as I am physically capable.”
(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana)
渡嘉敷にアザラシ 旅の途中? 餌もらいパクリ 琉球新報 2014年6月25日 10:15


近寄ると、水たまりで元気に泳ぎ回り、餌のサンマやオキアミを与えると、おなかがすいていたのか「パクリ」と食べた。話を聞き付けた住民や観光客ら数人が見物に訪れ、珍しそうに見入っていた。A seal was found in the sea of Tokashiki Island on June 24. (Photograph taken by Hideaki Yoneda.)


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Seal appears in the sea of Tokashiki Island
June 25, 2014 Hideaki Yoneda correspondent of Ryukyu Shimpo

On June 24, a seal originating from the North Sea was confirmed to be swimming in the sea near Tokashiki Island. At 8:30 a.m. on the same day, Kazuhiro Tamaki and Hayato Nakamura, members of the Tokashiki Fishery Association, found a seal in a puddle of water between rocks in the southernmost part of the island during their routine patrol to monitor suku or rabbit fishes. At first, they could not believe the scene - a seal was swimming before them. They had never seen such an animal in Okinawa before.

The animal is about one meter long with black patches on its gray back. When the fishermen got close to the seal to feed it saury and krill, it was swimming energetically and ate the food. A few local residents and tourists who heard the news came to see the seal. They could not take their eyes off it.

According to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu, there is no record of a seal ever being sighted in Okinawa. (English translation by T&CT, Hitomi Shinzato)

渡嘉敷アザラシ、死骸で見つかる 脇腹に歯形琉球新報 2014年6月29日 10:02



Seal in the sea off Tokashiki Island found dead
June 29, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

A seal that appeared in the sea near Tokashiki Island on June 24 was found dead in a puddle of water between rocks in the southernmost part of the island on June 28. The body was moved to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu to examine the cause of death by autopsy on June 29.

A reporter who visited the island with a taxi driver discovered the body floating on the surface of the water at around 8:30 a.m. on June 28, and reported it to the Tokashiki Fishery Cooperative. After that, the body was removed to the fishery cooperatives’ temporary freezer. There were wounds including teeth marks on the side of the body.
(English translation by T&CT)
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